Padme Amidala Legacy has Weird Garment

Do you know what this is? I sure don't.

I lucked out and got a Padme Amidala Legacy set in the Evolutions line tonight. I like it-- it's pretty nice. It includes a pre-Senate Gown figure (shown holding the garment), a dressing gown figure with one of the best Padme head sculpts ever, and a pretty awesome remake of the white jumpsuit from Attack of the Clones. But the thing is, I can't figure out what this cloth bit is for. It's a little small and seems hard to put on any of the figures. Is it supposed to be a hospital gown? Am I supposed to use this to recreate Padme in labor from Revenge of the Sith? I really have no idea, and the packaging is of little help. I don't even know which side is the front, to show you how astute I can be when shown a new figure. It doesn't fit them easily and I'm not even sure who it's supposed to go with.

Anyway, the set is pretty cool, but dang if I know what to do with this thing. Junk drawer, ahoy!

EDIT: Apparently it is the ROTS hospital gown, but it doesn't really fit at all. Well, how wonderful.

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